8 Tips to crack English Olympiad

English is considered to be a global language and hence, it is important that students should master this language to have a bright future. The English language, being the universal language, is used extensively in schools, businesses, etc. People all over the world use it as a common means of communication. Hence, students should work towards sharpening their English language skills.

The English Olympiad is conducted by The International Olympiad for all students from classes one to ten on an annual basis. It encourages and trains students to improve their reading and writing skills. It helps to boost their confidence and assists them in preparing for various other competitive exams. It helps to ensure the holistic development of the students. Here are 8 tips to crack the English Olympiad:


# Tip 1: Start Early!

The first and most important step is to start preparing early for the English Olympiad exams. Students generally tend to neglect the importance of English as a subject and end up taking it very lightly. Students should understand the syllabus thoroughly and devise an effective study plan. The syllabus for the English Olympiad is mostly the same as the school syllabus. The same has been made available on the website as well.


# Tip 2: Choosing the right resources.

There are extensive resources available to help students prepare for the English Olympiad. Students should make use of the various school textbooks and other workbooks provided to them. These books help them learn the basics of grammar and improve their word and structural knowledge. It is important to understand the basics first and students should work towards gaining conceptual clarity.


# Tip 3: Learn 5 new words everyday!

This is one of the most important habits which students should start cultivating from a young age. They should pick up any five words from the dictionary every single day and should write them down along with their meaning. The purpose of these exercises is to help them improve their vocabulary and at the same time improve their writing skills. They should understand how these words would be used in different sentences and thereby prepare themselves to excel in the Olympiad exams.


# Tip 4: Develop the habit of reading books

The key to cracking the Olympiad exams is having an excellent command over the English language, i.e., both reading and writing skills. Schools should encourage students to inculcate the habit of reading various books apart from their regular textbooks. Students who tend to read a lot of books automatically develop better English language skills and are at an advantage compared to those who lack this habit. Reading books helps students learn new words and improve their grammar eventually.


# Tip 5: Keep it interesting

English is a very fascinating subject and does not require students to memorize any formulae as such, unlike Mathematics or Science. Students have the advantage of improving their reading and writing skills in various exciting ways. Students could watch English movies or various other videos on social media platforms. Students can also actively participate in various extra-curricular activities such as Essay writing, Spell-Bee, Debates, etc. These activities push them to improve their English language skills. The International Olympiad offers various Practice test series as well as workbooks. These preparatory materials have numerous problem-based questions which help students to improve their grammar and other skills.


# Tip 6: Understanding the paper pattern

The key to cracking the English Olympiad exam is understanding the pattern of the examination thoroughly. The International Olympiad offers sample papers as well as previous year question papers. The paper is generally divided into three sections which are: Subjective, High Order Thinking and Logical Reasoning. In order to master the English language, students require continuous practice. These three sections have been devised in such a way to test the students on various aspects such as grammar, word and structure knowledge, reading, spoken and written expressions, sentence structuring, etc.


# Tip 7: Practice More and More

The quickest way to learn and master reading and writing skills is by continuous practice. The International Olympiad has made available extensive resources to aid students in their preparations to crack the English Olympiad. The workbooks provided by them have been drafted by experts and academicians in the field, keeping in mind the various skills that students ought to develop. The previous year question papers and practice test series are aimed at giving students the real feel of the exam in order to assess their own performance. It helps them to improve their reading skills and at the same time learn the art of time management.


# Tip 8: Stay Consistent

Every student who wishes to top the English Olympiad exam should ensure that they remain consistent in their preparations. Consistency and hard work ensure guaranteed results. Students should follow these 8 tips to crack the English Olympiad and stay motivated. No skills can be learned over a day and require regular practice. Students should develop the habit of reading and speaking in English in order to build an excellent command over the English language.

The English Olympiad exam conducted by the International Olympiad acts as a great platform for students to boost their confidence and prepare for future competitive exams. English is a global language and is extensively used by people in various fields. It helps them to actively participate in various extracurricular activities, thereby ensuring holistic development.