EIO English Olympiad

The English Olympiad is one of the finest exams conducted at national and international levels for school children. It is an opportunity for students to come together at the same level and test their knowledge on the subject. The exam covers school syllabus that makes them confident to attempt their school tests too. English is one subject that requires a lot of practice especially in grammar. Today’s children are in need of more information much more than what is taught in class. Thus, these additional practice help to add to their expertise and knowledge. It helps students to master concepts. Students and parents get to know individual strengths and weaknesses. They have ensured to keep in mind the present syllabus and the requirements of the present education system. The questions in the English Olympiad Preparation Material are framed in a manner that would help students to compete at national and international levels too.

  • There are several benefits of taking the English Olympiad. Students become familiar with questions that are of varying difficulty.
  • It assesses their existing knowledge ad identifies topics that require more practice. It helps them to know their position among their peers.
  • It gives them an exposure to very high level competition thus, making them used to competitive exams. It improves their thinking ability and self-confidence.
  • he English Olympiad is all about getting the concept right. It gives a lot of importance on clarity of fundamentals. It motivates students to perform better each time in these exams. It also teaches them not to lose hope and try for better scores in the next exam.
  • English is one of the subjects that has become extremely important to achieve one’s career goals. English language is considered to be one of the most dominant languages in the world.
  • Thus, students who participate in the English Olympiad improve their spelling, grammar and their overall learning process.
  • IEO preparation material gives them the edge over the others and helps them to prepare well for this exam.
  • By taking part in such exams, students get an early exposure to continuous quality learning and competitions.

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