EIO English Olympiad Class 1

The English Olympiad for class 1 is one of the best competitive exams where we see children as young as age 5 or 6 compete with one other. The exam gives students national and international exposure as it is covered at various levels. The exam is an application based exam, where students have to apply the concepts taught in school to different questions. Although it is based on school syllabus, it is one step ahead of what is asked in school tests. It makes their brain work in all directions. When students participate in this exam every year, they get used to national competitions. It becomes easy for them to participate in different exams gradually when they grow big. IEO preparation material class 1 assists them in their preparation for this exam. Class 1 students are introduced to the same topics that are taught in class. Thus, the syllabus for this exam remains the same. When students prepare through such external material their knowledge increases, thus making them more confident in life.


Benefits of English Olympiad Class 1

There are several benefits of the class 1 English Olympiad for all participants. It not only boosts their confidence but makes them better competitors of tomorrow. Class 1 English familiarizes them to basic grammar such as noun, pronoun, articles, plural etc. These are the base of any language. With the help of an Olympiad exam, parents, teachers and even the school management can calculate the ability of the child. It is one of the best ways to improve class results. It helps students to benchmark their subject knowledge and compare it with global levels. The exam is conducted in two levels. The first level is open to all and tests their basic knowledge, but the second level is only for those who have cleared the first level. The second level is an advanced level that makes students ready for high level competitions. It is one of the best exams to test clarity of concepts among all participants.


English Olympiad Preparation Materials Class 1

Get the best of English Olympiad Preparation Material Class 1 from Olympiad Topper. Here, students are sure to get the desired study material that will help them for their preparation for English Olympiad. It is wonderful to see students as young as age 5 or 6 trying to participate in national and international competitions. Olympiad Topper is one of the best organizations that provides assistance to all participants. It provides them access to online mock tests such as multiple choice questions that students can solve sitting at home. The questions for these tests are as per school syllabus. Each and every question is unique so as to cover the entire school curriculum. Olympiad Toppers IEO Preparation Material Class 1 helps students to achieve their dream rank at the Olympiads. It is a unique e-learning module that caters to self-paced learning. No matter whether you are a quick learner or a slow learner, the emphasis is given to learning. When students practice maximum questions online, they automatically develop speed and accuracy. The preparation material is a must for all class 1 Olympiad aspirants.