Top-notch tips to crack the Olympiad on the first try

Olympiads these days have become quite a scare for students, but it needs to be understood that these tests serve as wonderful opportunities for students to not only learn and show their skill but also gain exposure. Olympiads are merit-based subject focused exams...READ MORE


Seven Benefits of Olympiads One Must Know

All parents wish to provide only the best of resources to their children. The Olympiads have gained a major significance in recent times, being put in the forefront of impactful and effective learning processes, when it comes to the field of education, for these exams despite...READ MORE


International Maths Olympiad resources

The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes a set of different Olympiads for students to choose from when participating in an examination. The Olympiads by ITO are held across the nation and hence it provides a suitable platform for young budding minds to showcase their skills and hard work and in turn gain...READ MORE


Which is the best Olympiad institute in India?

There are various institutes that conduct Olympiads in India, the Indian Talent Olympiad being one of the best among them. It was established in the year 2012 by a few of the...READ MORE


Different kinds of Olympiad exams

Talking about each of the Olympiad exams, every child has his own strong subject so it is important he is a given a chance in his field of interest. This is exactly why...READ MORE


List of Olympiad Exams in India for classes 1-10

Knowledge paves the way to success, while understanding and education help one determine better paths in life. Parents always look to provide their children with a secure and bright future. Students are hence sent to school so...READ MORE


Importance of Maths Olympiads

Recent times have seen the Olympiads gain significant importance when it comes to the field of education as the students gain multiple benefits from these exams. To shed specific light...READ MORE


8 tips to crack the Science Olympiad

Olympiads are highly competitive exams, hence participating in one can come off as a great challenge to an individual. Besides having multiple benefits, the Olympiads also provide one with great exposure, and an opportunity to grow and flourish, hence it is one of the most sought...READ MORE


Make Olympiad A Habit For Best Academic Results
The current times demand the best, having good grades and firm understanding and knowledge of various fields holds much importance and are greatly sought after in order to ensure that one can prosper in a field of their choice, Olympiads here have been seen playing a crucial role by READ MORE...


What are Olympiad Exams?

The Olympiads can be best described as highly competitive tests focused on individual subject/s that are held for students of the same educational level either nationally or upon international platforms, providing READ MORE...


8 tips to crack Maths International Olympiad

Mathematics is a subject that requires a bit of understanding and lots of dedicated practice. One might find the process tedious but one can not deny that the subject in itself holds a different value, many enjoy it while the others READ MORE...


Olympiads: Tips to prepare for Olympiad Exams

Students always benefit under proper guidance and effective learning. The exams then prove to be opportunities for the students to showcase their hard work, skill and learning. The Olympiads are subject-focused exams that help student test their understanding, helps them gain... READ MORE


Indian Talent Olympiad Registration 2021: Eligibility & Exam Date

The current times have been unlike before but even in the adverse situations, things have been in process. Online resources have proven to be very beneficial, given their characteristics like- being easy to handle, manage and share, ease of accessibility and widespread availability and more, thus proving to be of ... READ MORE


8 Tips to crack English Olympiad

English is considered to be a global language and hence, it is important that students should master this language to have a bright future. The English language, being the universal language, is used extensively in schools, businesses, etc. People all over the world use it as a common means of communication. Hence, students should ... READ MORE

Olympiad Exam for Class 2: Full Syllabus Available Online

The Olympiads aim to help develop a student’s understanding of a subject. For classes as early as the 2nd standard, the Olympiads prove to be all the more beneficial because the students stand at a stage of their educational life where the educational methods, if set right help.. READ MORE