Make Olympiad A Habit For Best Academic Results

The current times demand the best, having good grades and firm understanding and knowledge of various fields holds much importance and are greatly sought after in order to ensure that one can prosper in a field of their choice, Olympiads here have been seen playing a crucial role by providing students various resources and the required guidance to achieve the same. The effort that the process demands always pays off in the form of the results and development apparent in the individual, hence taking up Olympiads as a habit for best academic result doesn't come off as a surprise for one, but rather should be one of the most beneficial choices for a student. The various benefits that an Olympiad exam can offer are as follow:

Exposure: Providing the student with exposure happens to be one of the greatest benefits of these tests, for these act as platforms for one to present their skills and to gauge their standing amongst students of the same age.

Adds to academics: Olympiads presents an opportunity for the students to keep in touch with the subject/s of their choice, which aids their skills besides allowing them to hone them, all the while keeping in touch with academics.

Question variety: The tests provide the students with a variety of needed questions, in form of workbooks and other resources, that might allow one to improve their performance when it comes to the competitive exams via dedicated and regular input of effort.

Uplift morale and add to confidence: Olympiads boost a student's confidence besides uplifting their morale, the change is brought about as students learn to trust their learning and skills by self-evaluation while preparing for the exam.

Resources: The way information is taken up by an individual greatly affects their performance, hence a wide range of useful, practical, lucid and error-free educational resources are made available for the students participating in the exam, in order to aid them to have a better understanding of a subject and allowing them to have an improvised learning experience.

Development of mental abilities: The Olympiads can play a major role in helping shape and hone an individual's mental skills, pertaining to not only logical thinking but also analytical skills and reasoning, a result of the dedicated practice involved in preparation for the process of examination.

Time management: The skill of time management and accuracy have been a major factor in determining one's performance, the Olympiads allow students to learn and improve, develop upon their skills related to these in order to help one perform well when it comes to competitive exams.

Educational Impact: The papers as well as associated resources made available for the students appearing for the test, are curated by a team of experts and professionals and a multitude of factors are considered, these include the student's educational level, their associated syllabus, their understanding and others, the aim of the process being maximizing a student's learning benefit and educational impact.

Syllabus: The syllabus for the Olympiads conducted by ITO, nationwide happen to be at par with student's academic syllabus irrespective of the educational boards they belong to, this provides willing individuals with an opportunity at fair participation in the exam where all compete at a common ground, based upon their educational levels with peers in similar age groups.

Adaptation to exam environment: The various benefits associated with Olympiads also include helping students to adapt to and ease into the exam environment in due time to help them in the long run.

Awareness: One gains an opportunity to understand the exam pattern, its practices and associated environment better so that they can perform, when participating in an Olympiad, it allows them to cope with the pressure, and grow in the same process.

Feedback: All participating students receive detailed feedback upon their performance in the test, these reports serve to benefit student's learning experience for, as time proceeds and one learns to better strategize in order to perform well thereby securing a better ranking, all based upon this feedback.

Rewards and certificates: All participating students gain a certificate that holds great value, the certificate acknowledges their effort, hard work and meritorious performance in the test besides adding to the student's profile.


These are some of the multiple factors that help justify that Olympiads are golden opportunities for those willing to seek knowledge and improve in a field of their choice. The Olympiads greatly benefit the academics as well, for the curriculum syllabus corresponds to the Olympiad syllabus and students are able to apply their learning in regular exams as well.

ITO has been organizing examinations all over the nation for over eight years now and has been putting this experience to improvise and upgrade itself for the betterment of the young bright minds who choose to associate with us. We strive to provide them with only the best of resources.


The Indian Talent Olympiads organizes the following exams:

International Science Olympiad (ISO)

International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

English International Olympiad (EIO)

General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)


The registrations for these tests are now open and one can head over to the official website for a detailed overview of exam patterns, syllabus, rewards, procedures, tips, guidance and more relevant information. The last dates for registrations are:

Last date of registration from schools-  30th September 2021

Last date of registration by individual students- 15th November 2021

Direct support can be availed by contacting at 1800 266 9192

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