Top-notch tips to crack the Olympiad on the first try

Top notch tips to crack the Olympiad in the first try

Olympiads these days have become quite a scare for students, but it needs to be understood that these tests serve as wonderful opportunities for students to not only learn and show their skill but also gain exposure. Olympiads are merit-based subject focused exams, aimed at testing the understanding of a subject, these are held for various subjects like Maths, Science, English and more, students can participate in the test of their choice based upon their interests.
The Indian Talent Olympiad happens to be one of the oldest organizations that function in conducting examinations all over the nation. ITO has been working for over eight years across India and has worked with over 36,000 schools and millions of students. The organization believes in catering to the diversity of interest that the students present,  with ITO they have an option to choose from eight Olympiad’s and one, can choose to appear for more than one Olympiad as well, here are some basic tips to help one study and crack the Olympiad at the very first try:
•    Get to know the syllabus of the examination well: Upon knowing the syllabus of the examination well, one already puts themselves into the very first phase of awareness required for the examination to score merit. One can prepare well for the topics that have been assigned to them and therefore they can be ahead of their peers in the competition and score well in the examination in the given time because they get an opportunity to prepare and revise from the very beginning.
•    Get to know the exam pattern very well: Knowledge of the exam pattern allows one to prepare for the examination in the sense that they can work with similar kinds of questions and keep up with the practice in the given kind of order so that when they are faced with the paper they can act accordingly. They have an opportunity to strategize as well as revise according to the pattern and therefore score well and perform well and accurately.
•    Study from the very beginning: Students are advised to study from the very beginning because it provides them with the best usage for their time and they can get to know their weaknesses and strengths pertaining to the topic and in the syllabus quite well, therefore being head of their peers.
•    Make a schedule: The students are suggested that they prepare a schedule when choosing to appear for Olympiad exams because it allows them to manage the time in a better way and utilize it to the fullest. It allows them to be productive and create impactful progress,  the students can appoint slots for the activity that they have to carry out throughout the day and therefore also include breaks and much required to rest for them for proper preparation.
•    Practice and revision: When choosing to participate in the test of their choice,  one is suggested that they keep up with regular learning and dedicated practice along with revision once the syllabus is completed to prepare well for the examination since it helps one retain information in a better way for a longer time.
•    Make use of available resources: ITO has prepared and put out a wide variety of resources pertaining to various subjects depending upon the student’s academic grade. One can easily avail of these resources from the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad. All of the resources have been curated by the team of experts, professionals, educationists belonging to the field with the aim to provide the student with an impactful learning experience, therefore, helping them stay ahead of their competitors.
•    Self-assessment: Students are suggested to self assess their preparation from time to time with the help of various online tests and free examinations made available to them, this helps them get a better idea of how things are done and the topics they need to work upon in order to score well,  it might seem tough but it is simpler to carry through the preparation with the help of model test paper, sample papers and various other mock tests.
•    Focus and understanding: The Olympiad examinations are aimed to help students improve upon their practical knowledge related to the application of a given topic and the logical reasoning, understanding and practicality of the given subject by putting it to test, hence students  are suggested that they understand the topics well in order to score better and perform well in the overall given examination.
•    Proper time management: Students are suggested that they manage the time properly, keep a track of their progress from the very beginning. Students are also advised that they keep up with the revision with the help of various quick notes, flash notes, workbooks and resources that have been made available by the official website of ITO, working following which can greatly help one improve their performance and working on a fixed schedule allows them to keep up with the work load.
•    Include breaks and relax: It is essential for the students to take proper breaks between study hours and relax during the preparation. For the examination, one should avoid sidetracking and overworking themselves in order to focus properly and one should also focus upon avoiding cramming information on the last minute hence they should be working from the very beginning in order to score well in the test.
•    Prepare a strategy: Having an exam strategy helps the students perform better because the students are better aware of their strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the examination, therefore, being a step ahead of their peers. It benefits in improving time management and accuracy as well. 
•    Avoid skipping topics: The students are suggested that they do not skip topics in the study since its not a good approach to the examination. Hence one should focus upon the weaker points in order to score well, keeping up with revision related to their strong parts.
These were some tips to help you perform well in the examination visit our official website to read more about the tips required to succeed in the Olympiads . The registration for individual participants are still open, register at the official website today.
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