Which is the best Olympiad institute in India?

There are various institutes that conduct Olympiads in India, the Indian Talent Olympiad being one of the best among them. It was established in the year 2012 by a few of the leading academicians and scientists of the country. The main aim of the institute is to identify and nurture talented students at a young age itself.

Olympiads are conducted to test the Analytical thinking, Logical reasoning and Problem-solving skills among the students. It is important for students to choose the right path at a young age and ITO is a platform that helps students choose the right path. Students from class 1 to class 10 are given an opportunity to showcase their talent in a nationwide held Olympiad exams.

Olympiads are conducted on various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Art, English. The curriculum of the Indian Talent Olympiad that has been set is simply the interface of concepts that are taught in the classroom with their applications. The level of the examination is designed in close coordination of teachers, trainers and educationists with an aim to develop a conceptual foundation of subjects. Knowing the present generation trend of students wanting to do something on their own, the Indian Talent Olympiad in collaboration with E-cell IIT Bombay has started conducting the “National Entrepreneur Olympiad”. Competing with the best minds of the country helps students widen their approach to things. This presents the student with an opportunity to learn about the business world and the competition that surrounds it.

Apart from giving students a platform to compete with each other throughout the country, ITO also makes sure all the students are provided with the required study materials. The study materials contain concepts with multiple applied questions on the concept and their solution. These study materials are precise with topics essentials for the preparation of exams. These books are designed by professionals who have a deep understanding of the topics. The books make sure the curiosity of the student is maintained throughout his preparation process. The students will only need to practice the study materials completely and correctly to be able to do well in exams.

ITO has also introduced online Olympiads wherein students can practice various kinds of questions throughout the year. Apart from study materials students can buy previous year’s question papers from the ITO website. Students can also buy monthly Olympiad which contains topic wise questions, Unlimited practice tests and monthly assessment tests which will prove very much beneficial for the student’s preparation.

Indian Talent Olympiad has also introduced live online classes for the students from class 1 to class 10. It is a program taken up to promote online learning where students will be able to attend classes from any corner of the country. Students can take up the subject of their choice and start their preparation. The schedule for the online classes is mentioned on the website and students can attend the live classes on the scheduled date and time.

ITO has been providing scholarships to deserving students. Not many institutes provide scholarships to students. A scholarship of Rs.1,00,000 is provided to the national level toppers from class 1 to class 10, whereas a scholarship of Rs.40,000 is given to the students who stand second. Furthers students who hold other ranks are rewarded with laptops and tablets. When students are rewarded for their performance, it encourages them to work harder and perform better. Indian Talent Olympiad thrives for one vision – Making today’s students better citizens of tomorrow.

With over 31,573 schools being registered with the ITO, Millions of students participate to excel in their field of choice, with the support of more than 7 lakh teachers in conducting the examination, it is safe to say the Indian Talent Olympiad is the best choice for every student. Education is the best gift that a child can get. It becomes the responsibility of the parents and teachers to provide children with the best quality education and ITO shows the way to get it done.