Different kinds of Olympiad exams

The different kinds of Olympiad that are conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad exams are

• NSSO – National Social Studies Olympiad

• NESO – National Essay Olympiad

• IDO – International Drawing Olympiad

• ICO – International Computer Olympiad

• GKIO – General Knowledge International Olympiad

• EIO – English International Olympiad

• ISO – International Science Olympiad

• IMO – International Maths Olympiad

Talking about each of the Olympiad exams, every child has his own strong subject so it is important he is a given a chance in his field of interest. This is exactly why Olympiad exams
are conducted on all kinds of subjects to ensure all the participants are motivated to excel in their respective fields. From this year onwards, The Indian Talent Olympiad will be organizing both Online and Offline modes of Examination. There are 2 Slots of each subject for the participants and schools to choose on their convenience.


Now talking about the different kinds of examinations that will be held -


National Social Studies Olympiad

NSSO is an exam that tests the students' knowledge like History, Geography and Civics. These subjects are essential for students wanting to take up civil services as their goal. The Syllabus for the same will be the base content of all the boards namely CBSE, ICSE and state boards. This exam is conducted once a year by the Indian Talent Olympiad.

National Essay Olympiad

Essay writing brings out the creative side of the student. Essay Writing on the other hand tests multiple skills of the students. The student needs vast amount of knowledge on the topic, the way he forms his sentence, His ability to convey his message to the readers and he needs to have a decent vocabulary. This exam helps children test their language skills.
This is conducted for students from class 1 to class 10.