List of Olympiad Exams in India for classes 1-10

Knowledge paves the way to success, while understanding and education help one determine better paths in life. Parents always look to provide their children with a secure and bright future. Students are hence sent to school so that they better understand their interests and learn to develop them in a way such that they have a bright future that allows them to be happy, growing, learning and improving as human beings. Education is highly competitive and one needs to have a dedication to work towards a subject that interests them and in order to use the opportunity presented to them in the best of ways. The Olympiad exams happen to be the said opportunities. 
Olympiads have come to have a reputation of being highly competitive exams. These tests are organized at different levels such as the school level, state level, the national level, and more. Depending upon the student’s choice, the exams can be for a specific subject or more than one subject. Students can opt to appear for the tests based upon their interest in the subject and work upon presenting their works to the world. The Olympiad exams serve as a common widespread platform where students get to compete are ranked based upon their merit and the process being bound by a number of fixed criteria to keep it fair for all participants. The Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the top Olympiad exam organizers in India. It currently offers eight different Olympiads for interested students these are as follows:
•    The International Science Olympiad (ISO) – The exam aims to test a student’s interest and knowledge in the field of sciences, one is also provided with a better understanding and insight as to what and how things are carried out in the field should they choose this subject and proceed to the field in order to make a career out of it. The Olympiads helps students to tests as well as add to their existing knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
•    The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) - The Olympiad is for the enthusiasts of Maths, and students who are willing to improve upon their grasp on the subject and stand ahead of the others. Maths as a subject requires dedication, but one’s performance can greatly improve with regular practice, it also ups a student’s overall academic performance. The input of effort and proper use of the available educational resources help one prepare for the test and perform well in the examination.
•    English International Olympiad (EIO) -  It is one of the most sought after exams. The recent times stand witness to an increase in the usage of English as a language on a global scale. It is very lucid and can be easily learnt if one is willing hence, greatly in demand, which adds to its importance and makes it an important subject in a student’s curriculum. It is the reason for the English International Olympiad (EIO) to be so in demand. The participating students get to improve upon their understanding of the language and work upon the basics of vocabulary and grammatical skills when preparing for the exam. The tests are put in place to help students gain proficiency in the said language.
•    The General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) – The GK Olympiad is for the general knowledge enthusiast, it puts to test a student’s knowledge about the world around them and the major events that occur in it. The aim of the exam is to help students become all-rounders. The exam does not only cover current affairs but includes quite a plethora of relevant topics and hence helps the students keep up-to-date with the developments going on around the world associated with various fields.
•    The International Computer Olympiad (ICO) - The International Computer Olympiad tests a student’s understanding related to the field of computer and informatics helping them develop a better understanding of the same, one gets to add to what they know and put their existing understanding to test which benefits them greatly, for the rapid digitalization of activities now require one to have a basic knowledge of technology and its proper usage.

•    The International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) – An all-round development of a student greatly benefits a student, hence the IDO, the exam aims to put one’s skill of drawing and associated knowledge to the test. The students get to learn as well as grow and develop their skills with due practice which helps them to have a better imagination and sharpness for they get to express and learn to better put their ideas into a form.
•    The National Essay Olympiad (NESO) – the National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is an essay writing exam, one of the most useful skills to have in today’s time because it requires the knowledge of various subjects and a proper grasp of the language with proper structural knowledge and a decent vocabulary. The Olympiad exam is for the students to test their skills in language and storytelling which makes the exam all the more interesting.
•    The National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) - The Olympiads put to test the student’s knowledge on the subjects of History, Geography and Civics. It is conducted annually to test the student's knowledge and help them grow and develop all the same, one’s grasp over the subject improve with due practice and hence it greatly benefits the participating students.
The exams by Indian Talent Olympiads are amongst the top Olympiads exams in India. because ITO caters to the varying interests and requirements of students, it has made available a wide variety of Olympiads. Besides this, the Indian Talent Olympiad provides the students with a plethora of educational resources relevant and associated with the subjects. These resources include video classes, online assignments, scoreboards, paper compilation books, model test paper compilations and much more.
The resources and question papers are all prepared under the guidance and expert care of professionals and educationists who belong to the respective fields in order to ensure that the educational impact is maximized and the student gain benefit in the learning process.
The above-mentioned exams are open for students of classes 1-10 of all educational boards, and the registration for the same is open too. Visit the official website of ITO for more information.


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