Olympiad Registration Class 9

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Students these days face much competition in various fields hence they always strive to make their mark and stand apart by working on additional skills and developing the existing ones. One can do so in multiple ways like completion of various courses, in form of exams, extracurricular activities and more to sharpen and hone their inherent skills and imbibe proper knowledge about their field of interest. Indian Talent Olympiads happen to be amongst the best Olympiad organizing bodies in the entire nation. ITO understands a student’s interest, their requirements and acknowledges their academic development and the effort involved in keeping up with a good performance, hence it avails multiple Olympiads and a relevant and wide variety of useful resources for the students to make use of.

The most sought after Olympiad exams are:

•    International Science Olympiad (ISO)- The Olympiad is suited for students who have a keen interest in the subject of Science, the exam covers topics from  Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

•    International Maths Olympiad (IMO)- The Olympiad for best suited for students who are interested in learning more and improving upon their skills in the subject of   Mathematics.

•    English International Olympiad (EIO)- The Olympiad exam is to help interested students develop a better grasp on English, its basic associated vocabulary and the understanding and comprehension of the language.

•    General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)- The Olympiad is for the students that want to test their understanding of a multitude of events, for the exam covers day to day occurrences and topics spanning different fields. It is aimed at the overall development of the students.

Interested students can register for the Olympiad exams here: 

Olympiad Topper is the best preparatory platform suited for students to train themselves when participating in the Olympiad examinations by ITO. Here, the students get exposure to a wide variety of educational resources to choose from and make use of, these include:

•    Live classes- It allows the students to have one to one interaction with the subject teacher to help students understand their subject better.

•    Previous year question paper compilations – These books are useful for students to keep up with practice and regular revision.

•    Workbooks – These greatly help the students revise and practice with much ease post completion of related topics.

•    Mock tests- The mock tests immensely help the students keep a track of their progress all the while practising for the exam, helping one get used to the exam pattern and environment.
•    Online Assignments – These greatly help students keep up with progress and provide them with a better understanding of where they stand, allowing them to work better.

The Olympiad registration  for Class 9 students can be done quite easily in the following ways:

1.    Click the provided link or visit the official Olympiad Topper website.

2.    Enter the relevant details of the student, click on ‘next’ at the bottom of the window.

3.    Select the subject/s of interest.

4.    Choose relevant study material.

5.    Complete the signup process by submitting the total amount.

Thus one can avail themselves the useful educational resources quite easily and work upon performing their best in the Olympiad exams. The exam schedule has been made available and interested students can now find it online.