8 tips to crack Maths International Olympiad

Mathematics is a subject that requires a bit of understanding and lots of dedicated practice. One might find the process tedious but one can not deny that the subject in itself holds a different value, many enjoy it while the others are intimidated by the numbers. When choosing to appear for an Olympiad, one chooses to essentially open themselves to opportunities to showcase their skills in their field of interest and to learn and grow in a subject of their choice in the process of things. 

There are thousands of people across the nation who participate in the Olympiads organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad, hence in order to stand out and make a mark one needs to put prepare smartly and strategize properly so that they can make the best of the resources, time and own skills.
Here are a few tips that one can use to not only crack Maths Olympiads but also perform well, but most importantly it all depends upon their efforts.

1.    Practice and revision: Regular practice is a habit a student needs to develop to perform well in any and all Olympiads, to facilitate this Indian Talent Olympiad has made available a variety of resources that can be easily availed on the official website itself. Workbooks, model test papers, sample papers, all of these can be used for practice as well as used for revision after, this greatly helps to consolidate the basic understanding of the subjects.

2.    Make a schedule: One can sketch up a schedule, allot a fixed time to a set of activities and keep themselves engaged accordingly, Working with a fixed schedule helps to keep one from being overwhelmed, so work should be divided into slots with reasonable gaps in between is a suggested option to keep one invested in a productive way for longer periods of time.

3.    Know the syllabus: The syllabus of the Olympiad exams organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad correspond to the students' grade and syllabus, despite it all one should be well aware of the syllabus associated with the subject to get a proper idea of the probable topic and related questions.

4.    Understanding, focusing and relaxing: Students tend to easily get overwhelmed by the pressure of exams, hence it is advised that they take breaks between two continuous stretches of study time, it helps one's mind retain information better. One should also try to maintain focus on their work within the allotted time without any distractions. Indulging in relaxing activities during breaks also helps retain subject matter better. In the process of things, one should avoid overworking themselves as well. 

5.    Know the question paper pattern: The students when practicing with the help of provided resources they get a basic idea of things like- marks distribution, question pattern and question types, one can make use of this to keep themselves prepared accordingly and relevantly.

6.    Solve previous years' question papers: Solving previous year question papers, helps and individual familiarize themselves with the probable variety of questions, one can use these to keep in touch with regular practice and it serves to ease one worries about the question types, the more the variety of questions, the more exposure one is provided, the more are the chances of them confidently facing familiar questions adding to the performance quality.

7.    Make quick/ flash notes:  Good for revision and recapitulation. These often help students retain information better. In the process of making these notes students also get to focus and retain the points of importance, reading along with writing, aids long term retention. These help in the quick revision of important topics and can be further reused to keep in touch with associated topics.

8.    Time management: Correctly solving a set of given questions in the given time is what leads to a better score, and improved performance, this requires much patience and practice to develop. One needs to keep a track of the time they spend on similar questions and plan to solve the paper in accordance with it. It is not only the challenging questions that students have to face during an exam, but also the ticking clock. Hence working on something from the start and dedicating constant effort with a defined strategy helps one to keep pace with the progress and prevents last-minute panic providing one time for revision and improvement.

We hope that these tips would help you prepare well for the Maths Olympiad, more guidance and tricks can be availed at the official website of the Indian Talent Organization.
We organize various Olympiad throughout the nation and have worked with thousands of schools and millions of students. We value your effort and hard work and look forward to rewarding you for it. The registrations for the Olympiads are now open. Our warmest of regards and best of wishes to you.