8 tips to crack the Science Olympiad

Olympiads are highly competitive exams, hence participating in one can come off as a great challenge to an individual. Besides having multiple benefits, the Olympiads also provide one with great exposure, and an opportunity to grow and flourish, hence it is one of the most sought exams of the current times. The students get an idea of where they stand when competing amongst peers of the same educational level and age group. These tests are put in place with an aim to bring out the competitive streak of the student, to help them have a better understanding , so that they can not only excel but also stand out and make a distinct impression in the field of their choice.

Science Olympiads help enthusiasts of the subjects to showcase their skills, it provide willing students with an opportunity to learn and grow, it also helps spread awareness about the advantages of choosing science as a career and future field of opportunities, the chances the subject presents for a brighter future and more. Thus mentioned below are eight tips to help a student crack the Science Olympiads: 

•    Practice and frequent revision: Dedicated practice is said to be the key to success. A  habit that a student should strive to inculcate to perform well in any exam from regular academic tests to all Olympiads. Revision helps one to retain the learnt information longer thereby aiding the regular practice. 

a.    Both practice and revision can be done via the use of educational resources .In order to facilitate students' experience in the process of learning and growth, the Indian Talent Olympiad has put out a variety of resources that can be easily availed from the official website of ITO. 

b.    Workbooks, model test papers, a compilation of previous year question papers, sample papers, mock tests, timed assignments and much more have been made available for the student's use, for practice as well as a revision that follows.

c.    These practices greatly help to consolidate a student's basic understanding and improve their grasp on the subject.


•    Having a schedule: It can be greatly effective for the pre-planning of actions allows one to allot a specific time slot to a set of designated activities and maintain an order that helps one to keep themselves involved all the while pacing themselves to keep one from being overwhelmed and also prevents overworking. The tasks should be divided with short breaks in between to keep one engaged productively for a  longer period of time.


•    Knowledge of the syllabus: The syllabus plays an important role in performance, one is advised to complete the full syllabus for the Olympiads. In tests organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad, the syllabus is made to correspond to the students' educational grade and associated details related to it can be availed on the official website. It is for the benefit of students that one is also advised to be well aware of it and one can cross-check the syllabus of the subject on the official ITO website to get a proper idea of the relevant topic and related questions to further eliminate any doubt.


•    Focusing, understanding, and relaxing: Students feel overwhelmed by the pressure of exams on multiple occasions, hence it is advised that breaks be introduced between two stretches of study time, which helps one's mind retain information better. Indulging in recreational activities during breaks also helps in the retention of information. In the process of exam preparation, students should also avoid overworking themselves instead seek proper rest and care for their health. 


•    Knowledge of the question paper pattern: When practicing for the exam with the help of provided educational resources the students get a basic idea of exam related things like- question pattern, marks distribution, and question types, this knowledge can be used to keep themselves prepared accordingly and be up-to-date to relevant problems.


•    Solving previous years' question papers: It is a practice of great help and individuals can use this to familiarize themselves with the probable variety of questions that they might have to face, it can also be used to keep in touch with regular practice and to device a useful exam strategy.


•    Make quick/ flash notes:  Flash notes are good for revision and recapitulation, these help to better remember and for longer periods of time. Students also get to focus upon and retain the important points, via reading and writing. The quick revisions of important topics can be made possible using these and thus add to one's confidence.


•    Time management: Time management is a much-valued skill to have, for one not only faces challenging questions but accuracy too matters in an exam, adding a time limit complicates things, but it is something that can be managed with frequent practice and a defined strategy, it then helps to keep pace with the progress and prevent last-minute panic, it allows scopes for further improvement.
We hope that these tips help you during the exam preparation and to crack it with ease.


The Indian Talent Olympiad cares for the participating students and hence strives to improve itself every year. For the past eight-plus years ITO has organized various Olympiads throughout the nation to benefit the bright young minds and to provide them acknowledgement, encouragement and rewards for their hard work. If you are looking forward to participating and performing well in the Science Olympiad, these are the eight tips that you can stick with to gain many benefits.
ITO has now worked with thousands of schools and millions of students to provide the proper educational resources, besides an opportunity to grow, learn and present their talent and put their best foot forward, encouraging them to keep trusting their efforts, skills and learning, to further inspire the students, there are exciting rewards based upon one's meritorious performance, more details related to which can be found on the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiads.

The registrations for the Olympiad are now open, the last dates are:

Last date of registration from schools-  30th September 2021

Last date of registration by individual students- 15th November 2021

Direct support can be availed by contacting at 1800 266 9192

Queries can also be mailed at: info@indiantalent.org

Our warmest of regards and best of wishes to all.