International Maths Olympiad resources

International Math Olympiad Resources

The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes a set of different Olympiads for students to choose from when participating in an examination. The Olympiads by ITO are held across the nation and hence it provides a suitable platform for young budding minds to showcase their skills and hard work and in turn gain recognition and developmental feedback for the same. The International Maths Olympiad(IMO) happens to be one of the eight Olympiads held by ITO, it organizes this exam both monthly as well as annually across the nation for interested students to participate in. The focus lies on topics associated with the subject of mathematics and is aimed to improve the student’s understanding and knowledge pertaining to the same. One of the basic objectives of organizing this examination is to better inform the students of the various resources that are available in the subject and the various opportunities that await them should they choose to make a future or a career in this very field.

The International Maths Olympiad is open for students of classes 1 to 10. The exam serves to provide the students with a common system where they are trained to understand the very basics pertaining to the subject. The exam essentially has two levels. With the required amount of practice and input of efforts, the students learn to master solving tricky questions within a short period of time which proves to be very beneficial for them when they choose to participate in similar competitive exams in the near future. 

The syllabus of the exam can be found on the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad itself and it’s based upon the academic syllabus irrespective of students educational boards so that students from any educational boards can participate in the examination and gather required information about the examination.

The students are suggested that they regularly practice the various types of questions are there provided keeping the syllabus in mind in order to increase the proficiency and accuracy pertaining to the subject matter of the test, it also helps them develop their mental skills like reasoning, logical approach, practicality and much more, they get to deal with measurements, patterns, numbers, shapes, time, data handling, decimals, proportion, ratio, money, fraction and much more.

To aid the students better, the organization has provided a plethora of useful educational resources which are relevant, informative, lucid and practical, compiled by a team of experts, professionals, and educationists to add to the learning impact and improve the experience. The said resources include:

•    Workbook: These amongst other resources been put together and compiled by professionals of the subject, available for all classes to provide the student with in-depth knowledge about each and every chapter one can simply go through the syllabus provided on the website and then compare the same with the school syllabus to find that these prove to be of much use in the preparation. The books have been put together in a way such that they also benefit the student’s regular academic, keeping in mind the students learning capacity, these workbooks have been designed to add to the effective learning process and help the students retain information for a longer time.

•    Previous year question paper compilation: The previous year question paper compilation is for the students to understand the difficulty of the examination that they might have to face. It also makes it easy for them to comprehend the type of questions they might have to face in the examination. Students are encouraged to solve from these papers because it becomes easy for them to understand the examination pattern in a better way, these books are available for all subjects based upon the student’s classes, one can avail these by visiting the official website of ITO, these include the OMR sheets and answer keys pertaining to the questions as well.

•    Mock examinations and test series:  The Indian Talent Olympiad has also made available a series of online tests and mock examinations available for the students to participate in, in order to help them self-evaluate and learn about their weaknesses so that they can work upon them before appearing for the final examinations, it allows them to get an idea of the examination pattern and related decorum’s that they will have to follow and they can get themselves used to the idea of participating in the tests beside which it also prevents them from being overwhelmed in the actual examination.

•    Video classes: The Indian Talent Olympiad has recently introduced online video classes for interested students, who can make use of these resources in order to prepare well for the examination, these cover all the required things for the students serving as lucid practical and informative resources this help the students remember the information longer, given the graphical presentation, it additionally helps the students understand the things in a better way for a longer period of time hence ITO encourages them to make use of these resources in order to perform well in the examination, theses can be availed at student’s convenience at the official website of Indian Talent Olympiads.

The exams are held annually as well as monthly and have a two-level approach, that is, the student has to appear for the first level clear it, then appear for the second level of examination, students have a choice of the time slot they might find convenient as well, more of the information pertaining to the question paper pattern marks distribution, merit rewards and more can be found on the official website.  We hope that this article proves to help inform you about the various resources that one can gain access to in order to perform well in the International Maths Olympiad. ITO understands and strives to meet students’ requirements, participate in the Olympiad of your choice to test your understanding today.

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