Level 1 EIO Previous Year Papers Class 1

Level 1 EIO Previous Year Papers Class 1 involves students in preparing for the English Olympiad exams and also helps them achieve academic excellence. The Class 1 Question Papers from the Indian Talent Olympiad have been developed to give students an idea of the type and format of the English Olympiad questions. These papers have been produced by our topic experts because past year question papers are vital for exam preparation. This previous year's question paper kit includes four sets of question papers, practice OMR sheets, and also an explanation of the answer key. Students in class 1 can test their knowledge and practice their grammar abilities. For test preparation, students can use these previous year's question papers and exercise the same thoroughly.



Total Questions : 40 Time : 65 Minutes

1. Additional 10 minutes will be given to students to fill up the student’s information before the start of the exam.
2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Use of calculator is not permitted.
3. There is only one correct answer, hence mark one choice only.
4. Rough work should be done on a blank sheet of paper.


1. What is a noun?
a. Action
b. Person, place, or thing
c. Physical verb
d. None


2. What is the noun in this sentence? The cat dances.
a. Cat
b. The
c. Dances
d. None


3. Choose the correct sentence.
a. My Birthday is in August.
b. my birthday is in August.
c. My birthday is in August
d. My birthday is in August.


4. Anita and Sunita raked the soil. Rajani ………. The seeds.
a. Plants
b. Plant
c. Planting
d. Planted


5. Which sentence is written correctly?
a. What are you doing tonight.
b. what are you doing tonight
c. what are you doing tonight !
d. What are you doing tonight?


6. Choose the pronoun that best replaces the word (s) in all caps. MARK went to the movies.
a. I
b. He
c. She
d. They


7. Find the two “action verbs” in the sentence below.
a. we, ice cream
b. watched, ate
c. Frozen candy
d. ate, and


8. What is the correct plural form for tooth?
a. tooths
b. toothies
c. teeth
d. teeths


9. Choose the pronoun that best replaces the word(s) in all caps. THOSE PEOPLE
don’t like cats.
a. He
b. She
c. We
d. They


10. I …………. Reading books.
a. likes
b. will likes
c. like
d. is liking


11. Choose the future-tense verb.
a. will play
b. played
c. play
d. plays


12. ………… apple fell from the tree
a. A
b. an
c. An
d. a


13. The dog jumped over the desk. How many nouns are in the sentence above?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 1
d. 4


14. Which word completes the sentence?
Sachin ………… he had ten marbles
a. Thinked
b. Thinking
c. Think
d. Thought


15. A word which takes the place of a noun is called a ;
a. plot
b. pronoun
c. rhyme
d. predicate


16. Choose the correct adjective for the following sentence:
I think I will have another piece of …………… delicious cake.
a. One
b. That
c. Chocolate
d. These


17. Which sentence shows strong feelings?
a. Wow, what an athlete!
b. I can’t go on the field trip.
c. Why did the music stop?
d. I like ice-cream!


18. Which set of verbs show the present and past tense?
a. run, runned
b. sit, sitted
c. sweep, sweeped
d. eat, ate


19. A ……………. noun is used to represent MORE THAN ONE person, place, or thing.
a. singular
b. plural
c. common
d. proper


20. Which sentence is capitalized correctly?
a. Bob and Rob are twins who were born in May.
b. bob and Rob are twins who were born in May.
c. Bob and rob are twins who were born in may.
d. Bob and Rob are twins who were born in may.


21. Find the preposition.
Our family went on vacation last week.
a. our
b. on
c. family
d. Vacation


22. Which of these IS NOT a proper noun?
a. New York
b. Mr. Bradley
c. Telephone
d. Sprite


23. Choose the missing article.
Don’t forget to feed cat.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. nothing


24. Bubble the sentence with correct word order
a. Clean clothes are your
b. Your clothes are clean
c. Are clean your cloths
d. Your clean clothes are.


Direction (25-28) : Find the Antonyms (Opposite)

25. Genuine
a. Real
b. Authentic
c. Fake
d. Bona fide


26. Shun
a. Accept
b. Disclose
c. Avoid
d. Evade


27. Reckless
a. Careless
b. Rash
c. Heedless
d. Careful


28. Slack
a. Tight
b. Feeble
c. Slow
d. Unsteady


Direction (29-32) : Find the Synonym (Meaning)

29. Offend
a. Cure
b. Hurt
c. Praise
d. Calm


30. Legible
a. Readable
b. Obscure
c. Unintelligible
d. None


31. Despair
a. Misery
b. Cheer
c. Faith
d. Comfort


32. Forge
a. Be original
b. Falsify
c. Stop
d. Destroy


33. Choose the correct way to write the following:
dear mom
a. Dear, mom
b. Dear mom,
c. Dear, Mom
d. Dear Mom,


Direction (34-35): Choose the meaning of the underlined

34. We will row up to the shore
a. in a line
b. Fight
c. Move by oars
d. in a group


35. He is Kind man
a. type
b. Considerate
c. Many
d. Angry


36. Which word means to be more sad than someone else?
a. sad
b. sadder
c. saddest
d. unsad


37. Select the past tense of verb to drive
a. Driven
b. Drived
c. Drove
d. has, have, or had drive


38. If A is substituted by 4, B by 3, C by 2, D by 4, E by 3, F by 2 and so on, then what will be total of the numerical values of the letters of the word SICK?

a. 11
b. 12
c. 10
d. 9


39. Which picture cube does this shape make?

a. B
b. C
c. D
d. A


40. Which picture cube does this shape make?

a. D
b. A
c. B
d. C