GKIO General Knowledge Olympiad Class 1

General Knowledge Olympiad for class 1 is of the most interesting exams conducted for our tiny tots. It is an exam that is conducted at national and international levels. This exam tests students as young as age five or six on various general knowledge questions. They are asked questions according to their capacity. The syllabus is as in line with the preset syllabus. Children studying in class 1 generally have a curious mindset. Almost all children have lot of questions in their minds. At times, it may difficult for parents or teachers to answer their questions. Also, at the same time it is a very encouraging habit to allow children to explore on their own through general knowledge exams. Here, students are allowed to explore topics, know more about the life in and around the world, learn about basic science, environmental studies, entertainment and sports. They develop love for the subject and yearn to learn more day by day.


Benefits of GK Olympiad Class 1

The exam for class 1 students is known as the International General Knowledge Olympiad or the IGKO exam. General Knowledge Olympiad preparation Material Class 1 helps students to prepare for the exam. There are several advantages for all class 1 students taking these tests. It keeps their mind busy in the most productive way. It ensures that there is no dearth of learning. It gives them content and questions related to their present understanding. It helps them to develop excellent EQ as well as IQ, which is a mandate in today’s times. The general awareness can be acquired on daily basis by all students through different mediums such as the newspapers, magazines, articles and even broadcast mediums. However, these mediums may not suit our young ones. Although referring to such mediums would provide them an excellent exposure to general awareness, but the GK exam would make them more comfortable with handy content. Students who prepare for the GK exam use different sources to prepare for the exam. One of the best source would be the GK Olympiad Preparation Material Class 1 by Olympiad Topper.


Gk Olympiad Preparation Material

Olympiad Topper is one of the best organizations that provides preparatory material for all class 1 students. These study material are available online in the form of questions. It conducts online preparatory exam in the format of Olympiads. It makes students familiar with the type of questions asked in the main exam. These are time based exams, thus students are made to learn time management skills at a young age. The Olympiad exams are also time based exams where students need to complete the paper within the given time limit. Students who practice questions from Olympiad Topper find it easy to attempt the Olympiads. IGKO Preparation Material Class 1 by Olympiad Topper helps students to prepare for the exam, check their answers against the answer key provided at the end of the exam and identify areas where they need more practice Olympiad Topper is an excellent platform for self-study with of course some guidance by parents and teachers. Children of class 1 who participate in GK Olympiads build excellent life skills for themselves.