ISO Science Olympiad Class 2

Science is a subject of interest to many because it has much to offer from interesting facts to groundbreaking theories it pulls people in and it is what makes people passionate about learning and eggs upon their curiosity. It is for such science enthusiasts that Olympiads prove to be a great opportunity to learn and grow. Some well known Olympiads across the nation include- NSO, ISO, iOS ,NSTSE and ISQ.

Benefits of Science Olympiad Class 2

• The Olympiads add to the student’s morale and boosts their confidence, provides them encouragement to strive for learning and improving.

• Students get to familiarize themselves with the exam environment. 

• Olympiads helps the students to prepare for possible future competitive exams.

• The syllabus for the Olympiads correspond with the academic syllabus of a student hence it benefits their understanding of a subject in turn helping in the academics.

• It helps the students develop a habit of regular practice and revision, which too helps with their academics.

• The effort required for preparing for such exams, improve one’s mental ability and sharpens one's skills of logical reasoning, practical approach and analysis.

• It provides a much needed exposure and helps develop a healthy sense of competition.

• The detailed feedback report helps the students understand and improve upon their weaknesses.

• The certificates given to all students serve to acknowledge one’s efforts, hard work and improve the impression upon their overall academics.


Science Olympiad Preparation Material Class 2

NSO preparation class 2 requires one to put in the regular dedicated effort. To further guide the students in their learning journey Olympiad Topper now offers a plethora of preparation material relevant to their educational level, Science Olympiad preparation material for class 2 includes workbooks which are curated in collaboration with experts, professionals and educationist is in the field or associated with the subject so that the students can gain the most benefit from it. Other resources include sample question papers, a compilation of previous year papers, model test papers and so on. Students are encouraged to make use of these resources because it not only allows them to keep up with practice and revision but is also instrumental in helping them learn well. All the said resources are highly scientific and practical, updated frequently to provide students with the latest information. These resources are available at the Olympiad topper. Students can also avail online assignments, mock tests, to keep a track of their progress all the while keeping the track of time and the marks they score, which can be seen on the score board.  We look forward to your participation, our humble regards.