Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 5

Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 5 help students to prepare themselves for the Science Competitive exams of Class 5 and also helps them to achieve excellence in their academics. Students who do not practice on Previous Year Question Papers generally believe that they are skipping out on questions in the examination because they did not plan their time effectively. As an outcome, kids learn the importance of managing time by working on past year's papers. Over the course of time, students gradually progress. For example, if students finished a sample paper in an hour and fifteen minutes the very first time they attempted it, they are more determined to accomplish that in an hour the next time. The Class 5 ISO question paper is loaded with beneficial information which keeps the youngster engaged and focused. This question paper is used not just in preparing for Olympiad exams, but also in increasing general knowledge.


Total Questions : 50

Time : 65 Minutes


1. Additional 10 minutes will be given to students to fill up the student’s information before the start of the exam.
2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Use of calculator is not permitted.
3. There is only one correct answer, hence mark one choice only.
4. Rough work should be done on a blank sheet of paper.


1. Nerve cells are essential to an animal because they directly provide _________.
a. Transport of nutrients to various organs
b. Regulation of reproductive rates within other cells
c. An exchange of gases within the body
d. Communication between cells


2. In an ecosystem, which component is not recycled?
a. Energy
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon
d. Water


3. Cloudy night can be warmer that clear nights because clouds trap heat _______.
a. Absorbed by earth during daylight hour
b. Generated from tropical winds
c. Produced by the air friction of air particles
d. Released from earth’s interior


4. In the jar shown, a sample of soil was mixed with water and then allowed settle for 24 hours. The jar serves as a model for what process?
a. Formation of soil from parent material
b. Evaporation of water from a muddy pond
c. Erosion of rock particles by water
d. Deposition of sediment in a lake bed


5. Seawater is typically denser than freshwater due to seawater’s _______.
a. Smaller mass
b. Higher salinity
c. Lower freezing point
d. Greater depth


6. Which of these are caused primarily by the gravitational force between earth and the moon ?
a. Tides
b. Prevailing winds
c. Magnetic poles
d. Seasons


7. Which of these planets travels around the sun in less time than it takes earth to complete one revolution?
a. Saturn
b. Uranus
c. Mercury
d. Mars


8. When 1 g of sodium chloride (NaCl) is placed in 100 g of water, a solution result. Once th solution is prepared, water is now considered what part of the solution ?


9. Which of these is required for aerobic cellular respiration?

a. Sunlight
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon Dioxide
d. Chlorophyll


10. All of these are natural events that could alter an ecosystem except ______.
a. Wildfires
b. Volcanic activity
c. Floods
d. Burning of fossil fuel


11. Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy source?
a. Hydroelectric generator
b. Solar collector
c. Fossil fuel
d. Wind turbine


12. Insulation materials reduce heat loss because they ________.
a. Block out the sun
b. Are poor conductor
c. Promote convection
d. Reduce evaporation


13. Which process is physical change?
a. Tarnishing silver
b. Melting ice
c. Rusting iron
d. Burning coal


14. Water stored behind a dam is an example what type of energy?
a. Potential
b. Kinetic
c. Chemical
d. Solar


15. What process makes food for plants?

a. Reproduction
b. Respiration
c. Photosynthesis
d. Condensation


16. A. mixture of iron fillings and sulfur can easily be separated by _______.
a. Performing a chemical reaction
b. Using a magnet
c. Placing the mixture in water
d. Heating the mixture


17. Decibel is the unit of ________.
a. Density
b. Light
c. Sound
d. Elasticity


18. Unit of Energy is same as that of ______.
a. Work
b. Power
c. Force
d. Acceleration


19. The best conductor of elasticity is :
a. Iron
b. Aluminum
c. Copper
d. Silver


20. Which matter is used in storage batteries?
a. Copper
b. Lead
c. Aluminum
d. Zinc


21. Which gas does the coca – cola contains:
a. Nitrous oxide
b. Carbonic acid
c. Carbon dioxide
d. Sulphuric acid


22. Which acids id produced when milk gets sour?
a. Tartaric acid
b. Butyric acid
c. Lactic acid
d. Acetic acid


23. Bronze is an alloy of :
a. Copper and Zinc
b. Copper and Tin
c. Iron and Copper
d. Zinc and Tin


24. Titan is the largest natural satellite of planet :
a. Mercury
b. Venus
c. Saturn
d. Neptune


25. The process of Digestion of food in humans begins in:
a. Stomach
b. Food pipe
c. Mouth
d. Small intestine


26. Which of the following is the best conductor of Electricity?
a. Ordinary water
b. Sea water
c. Boiled water
d. Distilled water


27. Balloons are filled with _____.
a. Helium
b. Oxygen
c. Nitrogen
d. Argon


28. Which of the following substance is a bad conductor of electricity but a good conductor of heat?
a. Asbestos
b. Celluloid
c. Purspecks
d. Mica


29. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?
a. Copper
b. Mica
c. Zinc
d. Silver


30. Washing soda is the common name of _____.
a. Calcium carbonate
b. Calcium Bi-Carbonate
c. Sodium Carbonate
d. Sodium Bi-Carbonate


31. Bleaching powder is made from ______.
a. Sulphur dioxide and gypsum
b. Chlorine and Charcoal
c. Soda ash and lime
d. Lime and Chlorine


 32. Mechanical energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be
a. mixed in
b. stirred up
c. converted
d. None of the above


33. If you break a magnet into two pieces, what happens to its magnetic poles?
a. There is no effect
b. Each magnet will have two south poles
c. Each magnet will have two north poles
d. Each magnet will have two north poles
e. Each magnet will have a north and south poles


34. The back and forth motion of an object
a. Sound wave
b. Vibration
c. Pitch
d. Frequency


35. The highness and lowness of sound as determined by its Frequency.
a. Sound wave
b. Pitch
c. Vibration
d. Frequency


36. If x means , means +, + means , means x then find the value of
a. 1/760
b. 76
c. 176
d. 186


37. Introducing Priyanka, Saroj says that her mother is the only daughter of my mother. How is Saroj related to Priyanka?
a. Mother
b. Sister
c. Daughter
d. Aunt


38. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group.
which is the one that does not belong to the group?
a. Tornado
b. Volcano
c. Storm
d. Hurricane


39. If the sequence of the alphabets is reversed which of the following would be
the 14 th letter from your left?
a. N
b. L
c. O
d. None of these


40. Fill in the missing letter in the following series ____
S, V, Y, B, ?
a. C
b. D
c. E
d. G


41. Find the number of triangles in the given picture.

a. 16
b. 13
c. 9
d. 7


42. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. 8
b. 9
c. 11
d. 5


43. Identify the figure that completes the pattern.

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4


Direction (Q. no. 44-45): Two words are given which are related to each other in some way. Find out the relationship between the first two words and choose the missing word, which bears the same relationship to the third word, as the first two bears.

44. Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?
a. Lamb
b. Horse
c. Elephant
d. Lion


45. Nurture : Neglect :: Denigrate : ?
a. Reveal
b. Extol
c. Recognise
d. Caluminate


46. Pointing to the photograph, Vipul said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Vipul related to the girl in the photograph?
a. Mother
b. Sister
c. Cousin
d. Grandmother


47. Choose the word which is least like the other words.
a. Barber
b. Carpenter
c. Blacksmith
d. Tailor


48. What time should the last watch show?

a. 5.23
b. 5.05
c. 4.58
d. 5.19


49. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. L
b. N
c. G
d. M


50. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. 9
b. 13
c. 5
d. 7