Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 8

Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 8 assist students in preparing for Science Olympiad exams of class 8 and also striving to achieve academic excellence. The ISO exam for Class 8 is intended for students who enjoy experimenting with science. Because retention is extremely important for exam success, previous year's papers will give students an idea of how much retention is observable and how far ahead you still might have to go. Another additional benefit of solving previous year's question papers is that you can measure your own strengths and areas for improvement. The Science previous year question papers can alleviate the boredom of repeatedly exercising the same worksheets. This can help with preparation since it provides a decent understanding of what to expect in such exams.


Total Questions : 50

Time : 65 Minutes


1. Additional 10 minutes will be given to students to fill up the student’s information before the start of the exam.
2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Use of calculator is not permitted.
3. There is only one correct answer, hence mark one choice only.
4. Rough work should be done on a blank sheet of paper.


1. If the sum of all the forces acting on a moving object is zero, the object will _________.
a. Change the direction of its motion
b. Slow down and stop
c. Continue moving with constant velocity
d. Accelerates uniformly


2. An object weighs 100. Newtons on Earth’s surface. When it is moved to a point one Earth radius above Earth surface, it will weight.
a. 100. N
b. 25.0 N
c. 50.0 N
d. 400. N


3. When a neutral metal sphere is charged by contact with a positively charged glass rod, the sphere _________.
a. Losses electrons
b. Gains protons
c. Losses protons
d. Gains electrons


4. The equation below represents a summary of a biological process. Carbon dioxide + water glucose + water + oxygen this process is competed in _________.
a. Cell membranes
b. Ribosomes
c. Chloroplasts
d. Mitochondria


5. What is the empirical formula of the compound with the molecular formula C6H12?
a. CH4
b. CH2
c. C2H6
d. D.CH


6. The product in a balanced reaction is 4Al2O3. Which of the following shows the number of aluminum and oxygen in 4Al2O3?
a. 8 atoms of aluminum and 3 atoms of oxygen
b. 6 atoms of aluminum and 7 atoms of oxygen
c. 6 atoms of aluminum and 3 atoms of oxygen
d. 8 atoms of aluminum and 12 atoms of oxygen


7. Hydrogen chloride is a covalent compound. Which is a correct Lewis dot structure for HCL?


8. Which of the following equation is balanced?
a. Na+ Cl2 2NaCl
b. 2Na + Cl2 2NaCl
c. 2Na + Cl2 NaCl2
d. Na + 2Cl2 NaCl2


9. Bacteria adapt more quickly than elephants to environmental changes. Which best explains this difference?
a. Bacteria reproduce more rapidly
b. Individual bacteria grow more steadily
c. Individual bacteria have more genes
d. Bacteria populations are more isolated


10. Under a microscope, a series of cell are observed that lack membrane ______ bound internal organelles. Which of these is the most likely cell type?
a. Prokaryotic cell
b. Animal cell
c. Eukaryotic cell
d. Plant cell


11. Which of the following classification groups contains organisms that have the most characteristics in common?
a. Class
b. Phylum
c. Kingdom
d. Species


12. In this diagram of a single-celled organism, which organelle functions as a place to store extra water?
a. Cell membrane
b. Nucleus
c. Vacuole
d. Cytoplasm


13. What type of energy does the windmill use to do work?
a. Nuclear
b. Electrical
c. Mechanical
d. Chemical


14. Organisms that absorb nutrients from dead plants and animal are called _________.
a. Producers
b. Decomposers
c. Herbivores
d. Carnivores


15. Most Hazardous metal pollution of automobile exhaust is :
a. Cd
b. Hg
c. Cu
d. Pb


16. The process of digestion in human is completed in :
a. Oesophagus
b. Small intestine
c. Stomach
d. Large intestine


17. A car and a loaded truck are moving with the same speed along a road. As compared to the truck, the car possess _________.
a. More kinetic energy
b. More potential energy
c. Less kinetic energy
d. More mechanical energy


18. In railway tracks, a small gap is left between the rails _________.

a. To allow for the expansion during heat
b. To save the cost metal
c. To permit the shrinkage of metal
d. None of above


19. Rajendra was born on 3 rd march, 1978. Manoj is 4 days elder than Rajendra. If in that year, the Republic day was celebrated on Saturday. Manoj was born on _________.
a. Wednesday
b. Friday
c. Tuesday
d. Thursday


20. Food can be cooked quicker in a pressure cooker because _________.
a. No heat is lost
b. High pressure steam has high temperature
c. Steam remains within the cooker
d. It is made of metal


21. Universal receivers can receive blood from _________.
a. Group AB
b. Group O only
c. Group O, A, B, AB
d. Group A, AB


22. Sound cannot travel through _________.
a. Air
b. Sand
c. Vacuum
d. Water


23. Friction can reduced by changing over from _________.
a. Sliding to rolling
b. Rolling to sliding
c. Potential energy to kinetic energy
d. Dynamic to Static


24. Dispersion of white light into seven different colors was showed by _________.
a. Galileo Galilei
b. Issac newton
c. Einstein
d. C. V. Raman


25. The science of getting Exact copies of desired living organisms, organs, genes
or molecules is known as _________.
a. Copying
b. Reproduction
c. Cloning
d. Bio copying


26. The study of genetics cell is called _________.
a. Cytogenetic
b. Genetic engineering
c. Cytology
d. Cellular biology


27. Use of sun bath for treatment of diseases is called _________.
a. Sun therapy
b. Solar therapy
c. Heliotherapy
d. Radiation therapy


28. Largest unit of the universe is believed to be _________.
a. Galaxy
b. Stars
c. Super clusters
d. Solar System


29. If Ram gives one mango to Shyam, both have equal number of mangoes. But if Shyam gives one mango to Ram, Ram will have 3 times number of mangoes as compared to Shyam. Number of mangoes they have is ____
a. 4 and 2
b. 5 and 7
c. 5 and 3
d. 6 and 4


30. I am standing on a river bank with my back towards the river. An object is floating from my left to right. The river is flowing from west to east I am facing towards
a. East
b. West
c. North
d. South


31. Karishma is taller than Kajal. Kajal is taller than Vimal. Ankita is taller than Kajal and vimal which is the tallest ?
a. Karishma
b. Kajal
c. Ankita
d. None of these


32. In the following series which is the 8 th letter to the right of 16 th letter form your left?
a. K
b. Y
c. X
d. W


33. Pointing to Manju, Gaurav said, “She is the wife of the only son of my father’s father”. How is Manju related to Gaurav?
a. Mother
b. Sister
c. Aunt
d. Sister-in-law


34. Which number is the odd one out in each oval ?

a. A:58 B:86
b. A:54 B: 89
c. A:47 B:74
d. A:49 B:82


35. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. 248
b. 257
c. 253
d. 263


36. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. 58
b. 53
c. 51
d. 63


37. Which number replaces the question mark?

a. 8
b. 6
c. 4
d. 11


38. Pointing to a man in photograph, a woman said, “ His brother’s father is he only son of my grandfather.” How is the woman related to the man in the photograph ?
a. Sister
b. Daughter
c. Wife
d. Cousin


39. Choose the odd one.
a. Ruffian
b. Criminal
c. Gangster
d. Paragon


40. Choose the odd one.
a. Reader
b. Writer
c. Publisher
d. Reporter


41. Look carefully for the pattern, and then choose which pair of numbers comes next 8 11 21 15 18 21 22?
a. 25, 18
b. 25, 21
c. 25, 29
d. 24, 21


42. Look carefully for the pattern, and then choose which pair of numbers comes next 9 16 23 30 37 44 51?
a. 59,66
b. 56,62
c. 58, 66
d. 58, 65


43. Which of the following substances undergoes chemical change on heating?

a. Sodium Chloride
b. Silica
c. Lead nitrate
d. Platinum Wire


44. Which of the following causes the rusting of iron?
1. Oxidation
2. Reduction
3. Chemical reaction with oxygen
4. Chemical reaction with CO
a. 1 and 2
b. 2 and 3
c. 3 and 4
d. 1 and 3


45. Light year is a unit of measurement of _________.
a. Speed of light
b. Stellar distances
c. Speed of rockets
d. Speed of aero planes


46. Gobar gas contains mainly _________.
a. Methane
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Butane
d. Carbone Monoxide


47. Diamond is harder than graphite because of ________.
a. Difference of layers of atoms
b. Tetrahedral structure of diamonds
c. Difference of crystalline structures
d. None of these


48. Ozone layer is the upper atmosphere is due to the reactions of _________.
a. Carbon di-oxide and oxygen.
b. Oxygen and ultraviolet rays
c. Ingra-red rays and ultraviolet rays
d. Carbon di-oxide and layers of atmosphere


49. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through _________.
a. Water
b. Vacuum
c. Air
d. Galss


50. Water boils at a lower temperature on the hills because _________.
a. It is cold on the hills
b. There is less carbon dioxide on the hills.
c. There is a decrease in air pressure on the hills
d. There is less oxygen