Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 9

Level 1 ISO Previous Year Papers Class 9 aids students in studying for Science Olympiad exams of class 9 as well as obtaining academic excellence. Students in standard 9 who are preparing for Science Olympiad examinations can purchase previous year's Olympiad papers from the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO).   Practice significantly raises the potential that pupils will memorize new and relevant knowledge for the rest of their lives. Students may specialize in solving problems depending on their subject matter. Nevertheless, sample papers must be solved in terms of understanding how the genuine ISO paper is. After completing sample papers, proper time management and performance improvement techniques can be established. Answering the previous year's question papers may not be the only recipe for success, and doing well in their exams, students must combine it along with effort and dedication and other preparation strategies.


Total Questions : 50

Time : 65 Minutes


1. Additional 10 minutes will be given to students to fill up the student’s information before the start of the exam.
2. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Use of calculator is not permitted.
3. There is only one correct answer, hence mark one choice only.
4. Rough work should be done on a blank sheet of paper.


1. An object weighting 15 newton’s is lifted from the ground to a height of 0.22 meter. The increases in the object’s gravitational potential energy is approximately ________.
a. 310 J
b. 3.3 J
c. 0.34 J
d. 32 J


2. The diagram below shows a periodic wave. Which point are in phase with each other?

a. C and D
b. B and C
c. A and D
d. A and C


3. A student applied a constant force to a toy truck. A graph of the truck’s movement is shown below. Motion of Toy Truck


Which of the following could best explain the change in velocity at time X ?
a. The truck began travelling up a slightly sloped surface.
b. The truck’s ,momentum became grater than its inertia.
c. The truck went from rolling on a rough surface to rolling on a polished surface
d. The Truck went form moving in a strength In a straight path to moving in a curved path.


4. Which statement best illustrates a rapid biological adaptation that has actually occurred ?
a. The characteristics of sharks have remained unchanged over a long period of time
b. Pesticide-resistant insects have developed in certain environments
c. Scientific evidence indicates that dinosaurs once lived on land.
d. Paving large areas of land has decreased habitats for certain organisms.


5. Which of the following is the correct Lewis delctorn-dot diagram for the sodium atom?


6. The correct formula for dinitrogen Pentoxide is ____.
a. N 5 O
b. N 2 O 5
c. N 2 O
d. NO 5


7. A student hypothesizes that bromine (Br) has different chemical properties form the krypton (Kr). The periodic table supports this hypothesis by indicating that _____.
a. One mole of bromine is heavier than one mole of krypton
b. Bromine and krypton are member of the same family
c. Bromine and krypton have different number of valence electrons
d. Bromine is a metal while krypton is a non-metal


8. Base on its position in the periodic table, the element sulfur would be expected to have many valence electron?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 5
d. 3


9. Which of the following is evidence to support the idea that two different species might have a common ancestor
a. Many of their genes are the same
b. They use the same means of locomotion
c. Their methods of respiration are alike
d. Their fossils were discovered in the same location


10. Which characteristic is used to classify frogs into different phylum from squid, snails and jellyfish?
a. Frogs have backbones
b. Frogs are predators.
c. Frogs live on land
d. Frogs breath oxygen.



The illustration shows a wave. The wave’s wavelength is the distance between points

a. 2 and 3
b. 2 and 4
c. 1 and 2
d. 1 and 4


12. Which of these shows the correct sequence of development ?
A. Cells tissues organs systems
B. Organs Cells tissues systems
C. tissues Cells systems Organs
D. systems tissues Cells Organs


13. in order to turn on the light, a piece of wire needs to be connected from

a. B to C
b. A to C
c. C to D
d. A to D


14. At what would a car have to move in order to travel 20 kilometers in two hours?
a. 40 Km/hr
b. 20 Km/hr
c. 10 Km/hr
d. 5 Km/hr


15. Convex lens are used for correction of :
a. Short-Sightedness
b. Long- Sightedness
c. Catract
d. None of these


16. Metals are good conductor of electricity because:
a. The atoms are highly packed
b. They have high melting point
c. They have free electrons
d. All of the above


17. Which is the source of fuel for Nuclear reactor?
a. Iron
b. Uranium
c. Carbon
d. Calcium


18. Which metal is commonly used as an electromagnet?
a. Copper
b. Nickel
c. Gold
d. Iron


19. A red light is used in traffic signal because?
a. It has a longest wavelength and can be easily noticed form long distance
b. It is beautiful
c. It is visible to the people even with bad eyesight
d. None of the these


20. Minamata disease affects the?
a. Circulatory System
b. Skeletal System
c. Nervous System
d. Respiratory System


21. Which one of the following is vector for KALA-AZAR disease ?


22. In terms of organic evolution, which one of the following is more advanced than other three?
a. Bat
b. Pigeon
c. Ostrich
d. Vulture


23. Night blindness can be corrected by the intake of?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B Complex
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D


24. In the human body, the red blood cells are produced in?
a. Liver
b. Voluntary Muscles
c. Pancreas
d. Bone marrow


25. 1, 3, 7, 15, ? what comes in the place of question mark?
a. 16
b. 31
c. 46
d. 30


26. Gopal is elder than Mohan, but younger than Ram. Mohan is elder than Sohan but younger than Ram. The eldest of them is_______
a. Gopal
b. Mohan
c. Ram
d. Sohan


27. Four friends are sitting in a row. Raju is at right side of Pankaj. Virendra is at the right side of Raju. Sanjay is at the left side of Virendra and Raju, but he is not at the end. The person sitting at the right end of the row is ______.
a. Raju
b. Virendra
c. Sanjay
d. Pankaj


28. If MAGIC is coded as PXJFF t hen how will LEASH be coded?


29. In the following question a series is given. Which one of the alternatives will replace the question-mark?
JD, KF, ? PM, TR
a. MI
b. NJ
c. NI
d. OJ


30. Which one will replace the question mark?
a. 18
b. 12
c. 9
d. 6


31. Which number replaces the question mark?
a. 16
b. 13
c. 18
d. 11


32. Which number replace the question mark?
a. 4
b. 9
c. 7
d. 13


33. Which number replace the question mark?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 5
d. 7


Direction (Q. no. 34-35): Two words are given which are related to each other in some way. Find out the relationship between the first two words and choose the missing word which bears the same relationship to the third word, as the first two bears.
34. Dilator : Expeditious :: Direct:?
a. Tortuous
b. Circumlocutory
c. Straight
d. Curved


35. Wrist : Elbow :: Ankle : ?
a. Heel
b. Fingures
c. Foot
d. Knee


36. If Neena says, “Anita’s” father Raman is the only son of my Father-in-law Mahipal”, then how is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita, related to Mahipal?
a. Grand daughter
b. Daughter
c. Sister
d. None of there


37. In a certain code, MENTION is written as LNEITNO. How is PATTERN written in that code


38. Which letter replaces the question mark?
a. N
b. M
c. L
d. K


39. What is the unit for measuring the pitch or frequency of sound?
a. Coulomb
b. Hum
c. Cycles
d. Hertz


40. Electric current is measured by
a. Anemometer
b. Voltmeter
c. Ammeter
d. Commutator


41. If you swim one km, how many miles do you swim?
a. 0.5
b. 0.62
c. 0.84
d. 1.6


42. Very small time intervals are accurately measured by the
a. Pulsars
b. Quartz clocks
c. Atomic clocks
d. White dwarfs


43. Decibel is the unit of used for
a. Speed of light
b. Intensity of heat
c. Intensity of sound
d. Radio wave frequency


44. The most abundant metal in the earth’s curst is _________
a. Zinc
b. Copper
c. Aluminium
d. Iron


45. Which of the following is egg laying mammal?
a. Pangolin
b. Porcupine
c. Tachyglossus
d. Baboon


46. The emergency hormone in human is ________
a. Thyroxin
b. Adrenaline
c. Insulin
d. Progesterone


47. The working principal of washing machine is
a. Reverse osmosis
b. Diffusion
c. Centrifugation
d. Dialysis


48. Optical fiber works on the principal of
a. Scattering
b. Interference
c. Total internal reflection
d. Refraction


49. An air bubble in water will act like
a. Convex lens
b. Convex Mirror
c. Concave lens
d. Concave mirror


50. Which number replace the question mark?
a. 8
b. 5
c. 7
d. 4