ISO Sample Papers with Answers Class 1

The International Science Olympiad by Indian Talent Olympiads happens to be one of the most sought after science Olympiad examinations in the whole of India. This exam focuses on fostering the interest in science among students such that they strive to better know about a subject of their interest. It presents one with various opportunities to better know about the field and matter of their interest and present them with a platform where they can gain exposure for their hard work and effort. Daunting as it might seem, the Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced Science Olympiad sample papers to help students. It happens to be one of the multitudes of resources put out by the organization to better guide the students and help improve their performance. The sample paper with answer class 1 has been curated specifically to meet the requirements of the students of the class. It not only provides one an idea of the type of questions that they will have to face but also inform them about the marks distribution, paper pattern and more. The students can successfully use this resource for practice, revision, recapitulation and keeping up with their preparation for the examination in order to score well in the Olympiad. The Olympiad Topper happens to be one of the best websites for the students to get acquainted with when preparing for the Science Olympiad and here they can choose from a variety of resources based on their requirements to make the experience of preparation better.


01. Which living thing among the following can crawl?

a. Pigeon

b. Crow

c. Snake

d. Tree


02. Which planet is known as red planet ?

a. Earth

b. Neptune

c. Jupiter

d. Mars


03. Which of the following activity we should do.

a. Listen loud and painful music

b. should put any object inside our ear

c. clean ears regularly

d. everyday dance on loud music


04. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

a. Plant gives us fruits and flowers.

b. Sun gives us light.

c. Plant gives us wool.

d. We should wash fruits and vegetables before use.


05. Which of the following is a recyclable material?

a. Paper

b. Plastic

c. Coal

d. Both (a) & (b)


06. Which of the following is an energy giving food?

a. Bread

b. Pulses

c. Fish

d. Green Vegetables


07. Which one of the following is a cereal?

a. Tea

b. Rice

c. Maize

d. Both 2 & 3


08. Which of the following is a mammal?

a. Jellyfish

b. Frog

c. Crocodile

d. Monkey


09. Which of the following animal is used to carry loads for longer distances?

a. Donkey

b. Mules

c. Camels

d. All of these


10. Why we cannot see stars during daytime?

a. Because of the light of the moon.

b. Because of light of the Sun.

c. Because of the Weather Changes.

d. Because of the distance.


11. Which of the following is INCORRECT?

a. We cannot feel air but we can see it.

b. Moving air is called wind.

c. Air takes up space.

d. All of these.


12. Select the correct options.

a. Squirel lives in water.

b. Duck cannot fly.

c. Cockroach has 7 legs.

d. Bear is the largest living animal.


13. Which of the following item are generally eaten raw?

a. Onion

b. Potato

c. Carrot

d. Only 1 & 3


14. Which of the following is a healthy habit?

a. Eating different kinds of food in right quantities.

b. Eating an unwanted food.

c. Eating only fried food.

d. All of these


15. The animals that are reared for a purpose that is for their meat, their milk, their hair, or something else are called ____.

a. Land animals

b. Wild animals

c. Farm animals

d. Water animals