ISO Sample Papers with Answers Class 2

The International Science Olympiad by Indian Talent Olympiads is perhaps the most sought after science Olympiad assessment in the whole of the nation. This test centres around cultivating the interest in science among students with the end goal that they choose to more readily be aware of a subject of their interest and gain many advantages. It gives one different chance to all the more likely to have some familiarity with the field and associated matter and presents them with a stage where they can gain exposure for their diligent effort and exertion. Overwhelming as it would appear, the Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced Science Olympiad sample papers to help students. It is one of the huge numbers of assets put out to aid the students and assist with their preparation. The sample paper with answer class 2 has been customized to meet the necessities of the students of the class. It does not just give one a proper idea about the question types, paper pattern and mark distribution, but the students can effectively involve this asset in revision, recapitulation, reiteration, practice and to keep up with their preparation to score well in the Olympiad. The Olympiad Topper is probably the best site for the understudies to get to know while planning for the Science Olympiad and here they can choose from the assortment of resources given their necessities to improve upon their preparation.


01. Which one of the following helps the plant in making food?

a. Roots

b. Leaves

c. Stems

d. Flowers


02. Which of the following is correct sentence?

a. Human body needs food to keep our body fit.

b. Human body needs water

c. Human body needs proper rest

d. All of above


03. Which of the following statement is FALSE.

a. The skins job is to protect us.

b. The eyes help us make out colours and shapes

c. The nose help us to make out the difference between loud and soft sound and

d. The teeth help us to chew food


04. Which of the following activity we should do to maintain cleanliness of our body?

a. Cut your nails with the help of blade

b. Clean your ears with a cotton bud

c. Do not comb hairs regularly

d. Always eat junk food


05. Unscramble given words and identify the name of the horse home.






06. A small baby of 3-4 months drink only milk , besides milk, baby can eat mashed banana, boiled potato, fruit soup etc baby is given such diet ?

a. Beacause milk is a balanced diet

b. Beacause hard food is difficult to digest

c. Because baby does not have teeth

d. All of these


07. Who is potter?

a. one who treats the patients.

b. one who drive the car

c. one fits and repairs pipes

d. one who makes clay pots for us


08. Which of the following changes its shape?

a. The Sun

b. The Star

c. The Moon

d. The Earth


09. The fruit grows from the .............

a. seed

b. fruit

c. flower

d. stem


10. Which of the following clothes absorb sweat easily?

a. nylon

b. silk

c. woolen

d. cotton


11. Which instrument would you use to check your body temperature?

a. Thermometer

b. Ruler

c. Weighing Balance

d. None of these


12. Which unit is used to measure how warm or cool the air is?

a. grams

b. kilometers

c. degrees Celsius

d. cubic centimeters


13. What does a seed contain that provides energy for germination?

a. water

b. stored food

c. soil

d. sunlight


14. Spices help to make the food more tasty and given them a special smell. which of these is not used as spices?

a. Raisins

b. Cinnamon

c. Turmeric

d. Coriander


15. The larva of a butterfly is called ..........

a. maggot

b. nymph

c. cocoon

d. caterpillar