ISO Sample Papers with Answers Class 3

The International Science Olympiad by Indian Talent Olympiads is among the most sought after Science Olympiad evaluations in the entire country. This test revolves around developing the interest in science among students with the ultimate objective that they decide to all the more promptly know about a subject and gain benefit from it. It allows one unique opportunity to gain knowledge of the field and presents them with a platform to gain exposure for their exertion and effort. Overwhelming as apparently, it might appear, the Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced Science Olympiad sample papers to provide students with assistance. It is one of the wide variety of resources put out to help the participating young learners with their planning and preparation for the examination. The sample paper with answers for class 3 has been set to meet the necessities of the class 3 students. It not simply gives one a legitimate idea of probable question types, paper pattern and marks distribution, but can also be utilized for practice, revision, recapitulation, time management and keeping up with exam preparations. The Olympiad Topper is presumably the best site for the students to get to be aware of while preparing to participate in the Science Olympiad and here they can browse the collection of assets considering their necessities to enhance their exam performance.


01. Tony is studying ladybugs in a garden. Which of these would help tony to count the spots on a ladybug?

a. Magnifying glass

b. Stopwatch

c. Measuring Cup

d. Thermometer


02. Which of these Is a nonliving part of a forest?

a. Tree

b. Worm

c. Soil

d. Mushroom


03. You use this to protect your eyes when working in the lab.

a. beaker

b. gloves

c. goggles

d. test tubes


04. Which is a mammal that lives in the water?

a. frog

b. turtle

c. whale

d. shark


05. ____' is a spice obtained from plant stem and _____ is a spice obtained from flower bud.

a. Clove, Fennel

b. Cinnamon, Fennel

c. Coriander, Chilli

d. Cinnamon, Clove


06. The nearest planet to the Sun is

a. Mercury

b. Venus

c. Mars

d. Jupiter


07. Which from the following is NOT a renewable energy resource?

a. Geothermal

b. Biomass

c. Solar

d. Nuclear


08. Which of the following is a process of water purification?

a. Evaporation

b. Hand picking

c. Winnowing

d. Sublimation


09. House Is made up of wood, mud, straw and dry leaves called?

a. caravan

b. hut

c. kutcha house

d. tent


10. Which is an example of a nonliving thing?

a. Bird

b. Insect

c. Dog

d. Water


11. Why cannot we see the moon during the day?

a. The moon is too far from the earth

b. The moon is behind the sun

c. The sun is too bright the day and the reflected moon light cannot be seen

d. The moon does not produce light during the day


12. What will change volcano lava into rock?

a. mixing with rocks

b. heating from the sun

c. colder temperature

d. none of the above


13. A means of communication which we use now a-days to get information whenever we want to is.............

a. radio

b. television

c. mobile

d. newspaper


14. Aeroplane are kept in place called:

a. store-house

b. harbour

c. hanger

d. godown


15. ________ is not a mean of communication.

a. Post-card

b. Radio

c. Computer

d. Cycle