ISO Sample Papers with Answers Class 4

The International Science Olympiad by the Indian Talent Olympiads happens to be amongst the most sought Science Olympiads in the whole of the country. This test centres on fostering the interest in science among students with a definitive objective that they choose to strive to have more familiarity with a subject and gain benefit from it. It permits one the chances to acquire information on the field and presents them with a stage to gain exposure for their hard work and effort. Daunting as it appears, the Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced Science Olympiad sample papers to help the participating students. It is one of the wide assortment of resources put out to assist the young students with their preparation and strengthen their understanding of the subject. The sample paper with answers to class 4 has been curated to meet the essential necessities of the class 4 students. It not just gives one a genuine idea of probable question types, paper pattern, and marks distribution and aids their strategizing, one can utilize these resources for practice revision, recapitulation, keeping up with preparation and time management too. The Olympiad Topper is probably the best site for the students to become mindful of while planning to take part in the Science Olympiad and here they can choose the resources from the multitude made available considering their necessities to improve their test results.


01. Which metric units should be used to describe the mass of an object?

a. Centimeters

b. Liters

c. Grams

d. Degrees Celsius


02. When an ice cube melts, its state of matter changes from a .......

a. gas to a liquid

b. solid to a liquid

c. liquid to a solid

d. solid to a gas


03. Which behavior will best help a student to stay healthy?

a. watching television five hours a day

b. sleeping three hours each night

c. eating fruits and vegetables each day

d. exercising once a month 18


04. Windy, cloudy, rainy, and cold are words that help describe

a. Evaporation

b. Deposition

c. Matter

d. Weather


05. A student drops a ball. Which force causes the ball to fall to the ground?

a. Electricity

b. Friction

c. Gravity

d. Magnetism


06. Find odd one out on the basis of mode of communication:

a. Television

b. Newspaper

c. Radio

d. Telephone


07. Which of these you should NOT do while eating?

a. Avoid talking

b. Chew with mouth closed

c. Stuff your mouth

d. Chew food slowly


08. Select the incorrect pairs:

a. Travelling - Keep sitting

b. Playing - Use a park

c. Walking - On road

d. Walking - On road


09. Kidneys belong to ___________ system.

a. circulatory

b. digestive

c. reproduction

d. excretory


10. Which of the following is harder than bone?

a. Ribs

b. Enamel

c. Blood-vessel

d. Intestine


11. Plants store extra food in the form of ________.

a. oxygen

b. carbon-dioxide

c. chlorophyll

d. starch


12. Which of the following does not take care of their young ones?

a. Humans

b. Crocodile

c. Sparrow

d. Lion


13. Which of these is not a source of energy?

a. atom

b. sun

c. glass

d. water


14. Going from one place to another is known as _______.

a. travelling

b. communication

c. cooking

d. speaking


15. ________ makes water cycle run.

a. sun

b. clouds

c. moon

d. teacher